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About Us

Kink Down South (formerly known as Good Boy Productions) is a community organizer based in Atlanta, dedicated to creating safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ people interested in kink and fetish.

Our events range from our Annual Spelling Bee(DSM) competition, queer theatre nights, bar takeovers and Kink Down South Weekend, the first kink street fair style event in the South!

We work with local venues to create safe and welcoming spaces for kinky folxs to connect. We also partner with other organizations and groups in the our community to promote diversity and inclusivity.

Our Events


Don’t yuck someone’s yum. 
We don’t kink shame.

Consent is sexy as f*ck. 
Ask before touching or taking photos. 

All bodies are beautiful. 
Body shaming is not welcome.

Gear is a mindset not a purchase. 
Don’t judge by what someone has or doesn’t have on.

No means no. 

Our events are safe spaces for anyone seeking to feel included in the LGBTQ+ and Kink/Fetish community. We believe in consent first and foremost. Guests of our events are expected respect each other and the spaces we inhabit. 


What we do wouldn’t be possible without supportive business and locations for our events. From the Spelling Bee(DSM) and show nights at OutFront Theatre Company, to bar take-overs at Atlanta’s gay bars… Kink Down South is here to support and protect queer spaces.