Volunteer Opportunities

Interested to joining a team of kinksters that give back to the community while having a blast? Volunteer with the Kink Down South (KDS) family! It takes a village to support all to the fun that goes into the weekend.

We have roles for everyone, with some roles are well suited for new volunteers, such as registration, market access, and set-up/tear-down.  

All volunteers receive access to the vendor market and events for the entire weekend!  To receive all the benefits of volunteering, sign up 6 hours of volunteering (some will be broken up over 2 shifts depending on needs.)

Once signed up, please keep a close eye on your email for shift confirmation, reminders, and other information.  

If you have any questions please email us at volunteers@kinkdownsouth.com

Thank you so much for your interest, we can’t wait to see you!

Volunteer Roles

If you like lifting things, bringing order to chaos, or just generally what to help organize the event layout, this is the shift for you! 

Volunteers will be assisting with load-in and load-out of the market and and demo equipment. This role is ideal for those who want to get their time in before or after the weekend itself.

An information table that will be posted to check-in people and check ID’s for Kink Down South. You will be making sure that you confirm tickets with the electronic system, place wristbands on folks, and answer any other questions about the event they may have.

Volunteers for these shifts will assist with weekend package sales day of, as well as the sale of individual event tickets.   This is a great shift for volunteers looking to interact with a lot of people. 

You will also be at the information table and able to help with Check-In overflow as needed.

This shift requires you to ensure bags/outerwear are checked, accounted for, and that a ticket is provided to and from the people that deposit their stuff to this station.

This shift requires you to ensure nobody is being rowdy at the venue, that flow of people does not block entry and exits, that people are   following the code of conduct.

Demos and presenters will need for items to be retrieved off or on site. Your responsibility will be able to retrieve anything that is needed during the event.

Floater volunteers are the jack of all trades that could end up performing a variety of jobs.  Anything from assisting with a specific task to filling in at another department as needed.  Volunteers for this area should be comfortable in a variety of situations, including being sent on errands as needed.