The Street Fair on is open to all individuals 18+. ID is required for entry.

Certain events will be 21+ based on the venue’s policy. Any age restrictions will be noted on the ticket site when tickets go on sale.

After our first year – we realized that certain things would cost more to make sure we are able to provide our attendees everything needed for a safe and successful weekend. Unfortunately that meant that we had to increase the price of the Weekend Pass and Day Passes by $5.

Absolutely not! We encourage and celebrate kinksters of all kinds to come out and be apart of the community. Our events are open to everyone regardless of gender identity/expression, orientation, ability, faith, ancestral background.

Kink Down South is required to folllow all local, state, and federal laws to the best of our ability and intervenes in any discovered instances of “lewd behavior”.

We will implement and enforce a three strikes policy on public sexual activity, as follows:

Step 1 – Verbal warning. Our Security team may stop you and ask that you take your given activity (e.g., masturbation, oral/anal/vaginal sex) indoors to an appropriate local establishment;

Step 2 – Ejection from the fair. Our Security team will escort you to the closest gate, requesting that you do not return. If needed, we will ask for APD assistance, and we will alert our gates personnel that you are not allowed to re-enter; and,

Step 3 – Citation. If you are found back on the event grounds, we will turn the matter over to APD.

(PSST – This is literally the same policy as Folsom Street Fair)

It depends on the event:

When on the street fair grounds, yes nudity is allowed. Dress in street legal clothing and use our clothes check when you arrive! 

There will be events where we ask that nudity not take place. (eg. Jockstraps/Pasties required). These events will be outlined closer to the event date.

We love a good circuit party and while we have 3 days of parties at various locations and circuit looks/folx are welcome, the music and style of events will cross various genres. 

All our events will have a clothes check available. You will be able to pre-purchase a clothes check bag that will allow you to use our clothes checks throughout the weekend. $15 will get you a KDS Drawstring bag that will allow you to use our clothes check stations through out the weekend*.

*Clothes check is subject to Friday event venues availablity but is guaranteed at all Atlanta Eagle events and on the KDS Street Fair grounds.

For those that enjoy a smoke, cigar or cigarette, we ask that you be considerate of where you partake. 

During the Street Fair you make smoke outside. Please be courteous of those around you and make use of the ashtrays provided.

Smoking at the events will be dictated by the venue’s policy and will be clarified closer to the event date. 

We will have individual passes available for majority of our events. Please see our Ticketing Page for a breakdown the various tickets and availability.

Yes! You can book your host hotel room at the Hyatt Centric Midtown. More details are on our Hotel and Travel page.

Please refrain from being any animal into out events. It’s be crowded, loud, and not suitable for most animals.

Service animals are permitted. If they need water, please see a volunteer and we’ll be happy to help. 

We want you to be your authentic self. From pups, to doms, gimps to leather – rubber, rope and everything in between – all kinks between consenting adults is welcome.

We are proud to have a diverse set up sponsors and vendors.

We encourage our ABDLs and Ageplayer friends to come as they wish! Open wear is allowed at KDS Events. However we are unable to provide littles with a changing space and ask that any materials be properly disposed of.

Have a question not answered here? Email us at: info@KinkDownSouth.com

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