Kink Down South
House Rules and Policies


Don’t yuck someone’s yum.
We don’t kink shame.

Consent is sexy as f*ck.
Ask before touching or taking photos.

All bodies are beautiful.
Body shaming and discrimination is not welcome.

Gear is a mindset, not a purchase.
Don’t judge by what someone has or doesn’t have on.

No means no. 

Zero Tolerance For HATE

Kink Down South strives to create a safe space anyone seeking to feel included in the LGBTQ+ and Kink/Fetish community. All bodies, genders, identities, and orientations are welcome. 

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against the use of slurs, derogatory remarks, and symbols of hate. Any participant found engaging in such behavior will be immediately removed from the event without refund.


During KDS Street Fair/Atlanta Eagle Events:

Please be advised that while bags are allowed at KDS Weekend, they are subject to search. No weapons or firearms are permitted on the premises. 

Grunt Party at Future

Future employs 3rd party security that will perform bag checks and pat downs on all attendees. No weapons or firearms are permitted on the premises.

Event photography

Kink Down South has Official photographers throughout our events. Photography from Kink Down South Weekend and other events could potentially be used in future marketing and advertising. 

If you don’t want a photo taken of you in a moment, Just ask. 

We offer “No Photos” wristbands at all events. Those wearing “No Photos” wristband will NOT be directly photographed and all efforts 
will be taken to remove them from any background imagery where facial recognition is possible.


Kink Down South is required to follow all local, state, and federal laws to the best of our ability and intervenes in any discovered instances of “lewd behavior”. We implement and enforce a three strikes policy on public sexual activity, as follows:

Step 1 – Verbal warning. Our Security team may stop you and ask that you take your given activity (e.g., masturbation, oral/anal/vaginal sex) indoors to an appropriate local establishment;

Step 2 – Ejection from the fair. Our Security team will escort you to the closest gate, requesting that you do not return. If needed, we will ask for APD assistance, and we will alert our gates personnel that you are not allowed to re-enter; and,

Step 3 – Citation. If you are found back on the event grounds, we will turn the matter over to APD.

(This is the same policy as Folsom Street Fair)


All the Kink Down South (KDS) Weekend Rules for vending (below) must be followed throughout the weekend.

The KDS team also reserves the right to amend these rules without prior or posted notice of change.  Please visit our website frequently for any changes to the rules.

  1. Electricity Usage – Upon request we can arrange a spot with electrical. Based on a first come first serve basis. Additional electrical outlets can be arranged at an additional fee. 
  2. Posting of Signs & Display Rules – Use of the space provided is up to the vendor, but certain restrictions apply:

    1.  Each vendor is restricted to the use of the space on top of, and immediately behind, their table. Side stands may be permitted, but only upon the approval of the KDS team.

    2. You may not encroach on your neighbor’s space (including neighbors behind you) without their permission. Please be courteous.

    3. Displays that include sounds or lights (including videos) are permitted as long as they do not annoy your fellow vendors and/or attendees. If complaints are received, you will be asked to turn off these items.

    4. Vendor merchants may only post items on the walls using approved materials, such as painters tape or 3M Command strips. No signs or flyers may be affixed to wood surfaces with any adhesive material. You are responsible for any damages you incur by hanging items on the wall.

    5. Each space comes with one table, unless otherwise requested. These requests MUST be submitted to the KDS team prior to set-up, or the table will remain for the duration of the Convention.

    6. If a booth set-up is requested, then tables will NOT be provided. Booth set-ups are an open-floor arrangement for the vendor to set up their own display within. 

  3. Prohibited Items – Please be aware of items prohibited for sale. This list may be updated at any time. Should you have questions about whether an item may or may not be sold, please contact us. The KDS team reserves the right to ask retailers to remove from display or sale any items the team feels are inappropriate. Prohibited items include (but are not limited to):

    1. Firearms, zero exceptions.

    2. Alcohol, zero exceptions.

    3. Weapons, zero exceptions.

    4. Flammable/incendiary items other than candles and incense.

    5. Candles and incense may not be lit for demonstration purposes.

    6. Scents and Perfumes must be limited if the smells are overbearing and affecting other attendees.

    7. Home-made human grade food items manufactured in facilities without FDA or local health inspector oversight. 

  4. Adult Material – Adult material is permitted, All Adult Material (including but not limited to printed, video, computer-generated, drawn, audio and physical). Minors, those under 18 years of age, are not allowed during any portion of the event. During the Street Fair 18 and up are able to attend. Evening events depending on a venue’s policy. Any materials depicting sexual situations with minors will result in the immediate expulsion from the event and the full legal consequences as outlined by the state of Georgia.

  5. Retailer Liability – Vendors are responsible, within reason, for any damage to property and/or equipment loaned to them due to inappropriate use. Property and equipment may not be modified in any way, including but not limited to: Holes, chips, paint, glue or damage due to rough or inappropriate behavior. 

  6. Vendor Expectations to Satisfy Attendance Needs – Vendors are expected to pay their invoice for their exhibitor table no later than one month before the convention begins unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with the KDS team and vendor representative.